3 Garden Route Activities

When people visit South Africa they immediately want to see Cape Town and Kruger, and although those are incredible places (I've been to both multiple times), there is so much more to SA. If you plan to visit South Africa, why not try something a little out of the box?
The Garden Route is a section of the South Africa coast stretching from Cape Town in Western Cape to Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape and known for its untouched beauty and outdoor activities. After Shelby and I spent 4 days in Cape Town, we decided to spend another two days road-tripping through the Garden Route. 
Here's our two-day itinerary and what we deem are some must-do activities:
Cage Dive with Great White Sharks We started our trip in Van Dyks Bay (basically, Gansbaai), which is about a two-hour drive from Cape Town. We spent the night in the sleepy, little beach town, and then woke up early for cage diving with Great White Sharks! This wasn't my first time braving the cage, but I wanted to experien…

Staying at nThambo Tree Camp

nThambo (yes, the 'n' is lower case) Tree Camp is a unique accommodation set within the Greater Kruger area. I had the opportunity to go in early November with my friend, Shelby. Here is everything you need to know about our amazing experience:
Getting There Shelby and I drove from Pretoria (with a quick stop in Polokwane), but the Eastgate Airport in Hoedspruit is nearby if you want to fork out the cash to fly from Jo'burg.
Where you'll stay The rooms are absolutely gorgeous. They are elevated on stilts above the bush with incredible views of surrounding nature and wildlife. We even woke up to giraffes in the distance! Don't fret, all the rooms have running water and hot showers ;) There is no fence around nThambo, which means wild animals are always passing through. In fact, once it's dark, guests are escorted to and from their tents for safety. 

The Main Lodge There are only four tents on the whole property, which means there is a maximum of eight guests, s…

4 Days in Cape Town

Last month my friend (and former Peace Corps Volunteer), Shelby, came to visit SA. Aside from forcing her to make a video with me answering common questions about Peace Corps, we travelled all over South Africa. We spent four days in Cape Town, and here are some activities we recommend that fit perfectly in a 4-day itinerary. 
*** Day 1: Bo-KaapBo-Kaap is a historic district of Cape Town and former township (where people were forced to relocate during Apartheid). The Malay Quarter (as it was previously known) has a unique and rich history, and is famous for the colorfully painted buildings. Take a walk around the small but beautiful community, visit the oldest Mosque in Cape Town, or learn more about Bo-Kaap's history at the Bo-Kaap Iziko Museum. 
Shelby and I stayed at an AirBnB in the Bo-Kaap area and loved being able to stay in one of the famous pastel houses. (Also, gentrification is real and present in Bo-Kaap.)

Greenmarket Square I love this outdoor market for finding some …