Meeting Taylor Caniff

Hey Friends and Family,

If you don't know who Taylor Caniff is, don't fret, until a few hours ago, neither did I. But boy, does he cause quite a frenzy with tween girls.

As it turns out, he's a Viner (Vine star?). Basically, he uploads 6-second videos to an app called Vine, and voila, insta fame! I need to get a Vine.

Ja'kaylen invited me (probably cause she's 14 and doesn't have a car haha) and I couldn't turn down a chance to see 700 prepubescent, hormonal girls line-up to get a pic with Taylor. And yes, over 700 girls showed up.

We arrived at the venue at 5p.m. and met Taylor at 9p.m. - in and out, really. It worked like any other meet-and-greet: wait in line, take a pic, cry hysterically, go home. *The cry hysterically part is optional, but done by about 50% of the girls in attendance.

Not even half the crowd

Ja'kaylen and Taylor!

I was not prepared for my moment with Taylor because I wasn't planning on getting a pic, but when his assistant asked for my phone to take one, I couldn't say no (even with headphones on and stuff in hand).

I made him laugh, we had a moment, nbd

Overheard at Taylor's Meet-and-Greet 

"I guess I'll just get an F on my paper - this is more important."
"We need to get this hashtag trending."
"There are more people at this meet-up because it's only 20 dollars. When I met (insert name of skinny, muscular, social media teenager) it was 120."
"You need to stop crying!"
"How do you think Taylor's voice is in person?"
"When I met him, I was totally chill." If you have to say you're chill, you're not chill.
"I have a picture of Taylor's house."
"I don't care if he's famous, I want to get to know the real Taylor."
"We're breathing the same air as Taylor!"
"I'm gonna send my dad the picture of me kissing him." Rebellion starts at a young age.
"Oh my God, why am I so ugly!" Self-hate starts at a young age, too.
"You were twerking in front of him on Facetime! Have some respect for yourself!" Preach, sister.
"I'm gonna get him to kiss me on the cheek." "Well, I'm gonna kiss him on the lips."

The Venue Boys

Even more shocking than the frenzy caused by Taylor was the frenzy caused by two venue employees. Over the course of the four hours at the meet-and-greet, Curtis and Nathan (I think that's his name) became sudo-celebs. Girls went crazy for these boys. At first, all they had to do was corral the girls into line but it didn't take long for the girls to fall in love. Are the actors? Nope. Are they musicians? Nope. Are they famous at all? Nope. They are high school boys who work part-time jobs at a gaming center, but that doesn't matter to these prepubescents. By the end of the night Curtis and Nathan had taken hundreds of pictures and signed hundreds of girls' body parts.

The crowd around them got so big, they had to open their very own signing table.

I swear, there's a psych study in here somewhere.

My guess: the girls had so much pent up, hormonal energy waiting for Taylor, they had to take it out on the nearest attractive teenage boys.


Apparently, Taylor Caniff isn't the only young boy who has gained a following and fame from social media. Here's a pic of four of the most famous, doing what they do best... lifting their shirt and flexing their muscles for a quick mirror pic. (I hope this gives you laugh, it sure did for me).

Nash Grier, Taylor Caniff, Connor Something, and Cameron Dallas

Between the four of them, they have millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and, of course, Vine. Which means they have a social responsibility to be a model for the young girls who idolize them. Trust me, based on the amount of tears Taylor induced in these girls, they are idolized. In the past, this responsibility was shirked when the boys created a YouTube video listing the traits they look for in the opposite sex. Their ideal qualities included cooking skills, no body hair, short and petite, someone who can play the game (Nash Grier - “If you play too hard to get, then it’s just like, ‘oh, she doesn’t even like me,’ but if you play easy, then it’s just like, 'oh, she’s a whore'. Find a balance.”) and no one who's loud. But hey, based on the following I saw at the meet-and-greet, they'll have no trouble finding this "cool girl".

Anyway, fun night with Taylor Caniff and my 700 new girlfriends! Now I need to set up a Vine.

p.s. I surpassed 1,000 views on my blog! Thanks for reading <3


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