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You Stubborn Fool (I sing in this one)

Hey Friends and Family,

I love music, I love performing, and I love even more when music has a message. I've been playing the guitar since I was 12. When people find out that I play, they inevitably ask..... "can you sing?"

Of course I can sing. Anyone with functioning vocal chords can sing. The question they mean to ask is.... "can you sing well?"

Hell no.

But that hasn't stopped me yet.

Singing is self-expression, it's therapeutic, it's art, and fuck anyone who says you can't sing as loudly and off-tune as you want.

Anyway, I wrote this song and thought I'd let y'all hear it. It's about the pressure society puts on women and it's written from society's perspective to a girl who refuses to buy into all the bullshit. In true form, I recorded this right after working out, and I messed up a couple times, but I think that fits in with the message of the song, yes?

If you take anything from this, just remember: It doesn't ma…

Key Livin' | Summer Lovin'

Hola mis amigos y mi familia!

Such a happy day it is when I get to post about something so great.

Last weekend, I went to Key West to visit my friend, Madeline. It was such a serendipitous and random trip, but I'm so glad that it happened! Basically, I saw her SnapStory on SnapChat (if you don't understand what I just said, don't worry about it) and noticed that she was in Key West with her family for vacation, so obviously I immediately snapped her.... "You're in Key West and didn't tell me!!!!", and the rest is history.

I drove to Key West after work on Friday and sometime during that 3.5 hour drive I came to the conclusion that the drive from Miami to Key West is absolutely gorgeous. Day time, night time, whenever. As it turns out, this drive is considered one of the best drives in the world by travel sites and whatnot. I mean, come on, look at that sunset #nofilter ;-)

I love Key West. I love the island vibe, the endless water activities, the ability …

Working in the "Real World"

Hi Friends and Family!

Like I wrote in a previous post, I've been working in the "real world" since January, as a marketing coordinator for a flower distribution company in Miami. I previously thought that I entered the "real world" on May 1st, 1992, but apparently the first 21 years of my life were just a test run for what I'm doing now. However, I must argue that lifeguarding and nannying were a bit more stressful than my current job due to the whole, "responsible for other lives" thing.

Anyway, have you ever been in an interview and experienced this....

You: "What is a normal day for x position?"
Employer: "Oh, every day is different. I would say that there isn't a normal day for x position."

I'm sorry, but unless you are an E.R. doctor or something, there's going to be some pattern, monotony, daily tasks etc. associated with your job. Even E.R. doctors have some patterns in their day, I'm sure.

What do I do …