You Stubborn Fool (I sing in this one)

Hey Friends and Family,

I love music, I love performing, and I love even more when music has a message. I've been playing the guitar since I was 12. When people find out that I play, they inevitably ask..... "can you sing?"

Of course I can sing. Anyone with functioning vocal chords can sing. The question they mean to ask is.... "can you sing well?"

Hell no.

But that hasn't stopped me yet.

Singing is self-expression, it's therapeutic, it's art, and fuck anyone who says you can't sing as loudly and off-tune as you want.

Anyway, I wrote this song and thought I'd let y'all hear it. It's about the pressure society puts on women and it's written from society's perspective to a girl who refuses to buy into all the bullshit. In true form, I recorded this right after working out, and I messed up a couple times, but I think that fits in with the message of the song, yes?

If you take anything from this, just remember: It doesn't matter what other people think. It really doesn't. Just be yourself and as long as you aren't hurting other people.. you'll be just fine.

The lyrics are below, interpret them as you wish, and if you think this song was written because of you... well, that says something, doesn't it?

Watch the video here, or click the link for much better quality:

You Stubborn Fool by Morgan Lee Stoner

Say all the right things
Do all the right things
And God forbid, don’t wear that shirt

Say something funny
Say something witty
and don’t you dare act like you care

Wait to respond to him
Make him feel jealous again
And don’t say those three little words

Do what he asks of you
Give him the whole of you
But don’t ask for any in return

Follow my detailed directions
Darling, don’t eat that last piece

Cause I’m on to you
You stubborn fool
you’re not acting like a lady
It’s a man’s world
you’re living in
You’re just here
to make more of him

Be skinny and pretty
Be smart but be ditzy
I’d hate for you to seem independent

Keep your dreams in perspective
They're not yours to mess with
If he cheats, please turn a blind eye

Meet all of men’s expectations
Cause your self-worth is based off of them


How dare you try to dismiss,
All the things we brainwash you with


Cause I’m on to you
You stubborn fool
you’re not acting like a lady
It’s a man’s world
you’re living in
You’re just here
to perk up his pants!


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