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My Favorite Things | September 2014

Hey Friends and Family!
All the things I've loved this month:

Bath and Body Works Candle: Eucalyptus Spearmint

I am so obsessed with this candle, I've almost burnt the whole thing! I got it when I was stressing out a lot and it's surprisingly relaxing. It smells like a fancy hair salon but the best benefit is that it helps neutralize the smell of sharing a bathroom with Andrew.



I've actually had these shoes for a few months now, but I wanted to break them in before I decided whether or not I like them. Well, the verdict is in: I am in love! They are insanely comfortable, they mold to my feet, and I think they'll be great to have in South Africa since I can walk in them for hours without discomfort. The style I got is called Mayari and they were $89.95 (I got the faux-leather kind - the real leather would be around $120).

*No picture because all the scarfs are gifts and I can't ruin the surprise :-D

I've always loved knitting but re…

Leaving Miami

Hi Friends and Family,

A few days ago, I moved out of Miami for good. It took all of two hours to pack up my apartment and leave the city I have lived in for more than four years. It was an incredible four years, but the only tangible evidence that those years even happened are a lot of Facebook photos, a diploma, and some hazy memories... and my friends, of course. They're still here. But by "here",  I don't mean Miami.

College went by so much faster than high school, at least for me. After high school graduation, I was ready to move on to new and exciting things, but now, I feel like I ran out of time. Like I didn't put enough coins in the machine and my time at UM ended before it should. I wasn't given the time I needed for college to feel complete. Cause right now, I feel like I should be living in UV2-107B, going to class, and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S reruns with my friends.

I chose to leave St. Louis and pursue college in another city. I didn't choos…

How to survive a childhood in St. Louis

Hey Friends and Family!

My love of St. Louis is real. My love of St. Louis is strong.

You know the expression, you don't realize what you've got till it's gone? My appreciation of St. Louis grew substantially when I left for college.

In fact, my senior year of college I took a public speaking class and gave a 10-minute speech about surviving a childhood in St. Louis (spoiler alert: I was being facetious because I didn't just survive my childhood, I THRIVED!). I think my non-St. Louis friends will attest to my St. Louis obsession.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 2, I no longer work in Miami, I don't have a place to live, and there isn't much left for me there since the only people in MIA I actually like are busy in med school. Anyway, Tuesday night I realized how much I miss St. Louis so I booked a flight and was in the Lou by Wednesday morning.

It was the best decision I've made in months.

Miami is a great city, but St. Louis is better. That's just the truth. And…