DIY: Repurpose an old candle

Hey Friends and Family!

In preparation for moving into the new house, my mom has been all about DIYs and turning old into new. In that spirit, I made an old candle into a useful jar (and took pictures and blogged about it, duh).


Start with a brunt-out candle that has been sitting in the freezer for a few hours. The freezer step is important as the wax is much easier to remove from the jar when it’s frozen.

 See how the frozen wax has already started to crack without any help?


Begin breaking the wax with a knife. It should be easy to remove in chunks. Throw out all the wax pieces. 


Remove label. This part should come off quite easily but may leave behind a little residue, which we will take care of next. 


In order to remove the bottom label, and any residue left behind from the front label, use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Rubbing alcohol also works wonders to remove any stubborn wax inside the jar.

You may also have to use the edge of a knife to help scrape off the paper residue.


Wash the glass to remove any excess dirt, wax, etc. 

You should be left with a beautiful, clean jar ready for the next step…


DECORATE! This step lends to everyone’s own creative ability. I didn’t include a picture because of varying reasons, but in reality, you can do whatever you want – you can even leave it plain. Some uses I thought up: use in a bathroom to store q-tips or cotton balls, ring and accessory jar, coin holder, use in the kitchen to store tea bags or sugar packets, the options are really endless.   


I originally wanted to use the green candle jar for this project but quickly realized that the rubbing alcohol and knife not only removed the excess wax and residue, but also the green outer layer. I suggest sticking with clear candle jars for this project. 


If you repurpose an old candle, let me know how it goes!


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