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Thanksgiving Through a Lens

Hey Friends and Family,

Every year my family treks to Fulton, Missouri to spend Thanksgiving on my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve's farm. 70 acres of land, 9 chickens, 6 cows, 5 cats, 4 dogs, 3 hives of bees, and 15 relatives.

These are my photos.

p.s. I don't use filters... duh.


It wouldn't be a Reed/Stoner Thanksgiving without someone ending up in the hospital. But hey, accidents happen, and

My Thoughts on the Death of Michael Brown

Hi Friends and Family,

This is not a politically or racially charged post about Michael Brown's death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson. This is a post about my feelings (because this is my blog).

I simply cannot speak to the legality of the incident because I am not a lawyer/police officer and I wasn't present at the shooting. I also cannot speak to the feelings of the black community because I am not a member of that community, nor have I endured the same suffering at the hands of inequality. However, I ally myself with people. Black, white or other, I support people and their right to live a happy life... as long as they don't hurt someone else in the pursuit. Of course, life is not black and white and issues cannot be boiled down to right and wrong.

Here's what I do know: I know that I don't agree with humans playing God. I don't think we, humans, have the right to determine if someone lives or dies, and to end someone's life is the ultimate betraya…

Fall Photo Shoot Fun

Hey Friends and Family!

A day spent taking pictures around Forest Park with good friends and cute puppies is a day well spent :)

Taylor Swift's 1989 + Bonus Review

Hey Friends and Family!

As an aspiring writer (potentially as an album reviewer), here's my review of 1989:

Last Monday, Taylor Swift released her fifth studio album titled 1989 (based on the year she was born and the 80's pop that inspired her song writing). Wait, did I just say pop? Why yes I did. When Swift said she was releasing a completely pop album - she really meant it. Swift has completely left her country roots behind and fully embraced auto-tune and synthetic drum loops.
As an fan of Taylor's since her third studio album, Sparks Fly, I eagerly awaited the release of 1989. Based on her first single, Shake it off, I was expecting an album full of upbeat, dance tracks (which we did get in songs like Welcome to New York) but I was shocked to hear that most songs on the album are more mature than anything we've heard from Taylor before. Songs like Wildest Dreams, Blank Spaces, and I Know Places have a dark edge, and electric feel, while songs such as How You Get …