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Hey Friends and Family!

Today's post is really exciting because I get to debut my T-SHIRT QUILT!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT soooooooo much!!

For those of you who've been to college or are in college, you know that you get a ton of free t-shirts. Well, mine had been taking up quite a bit of room in my suitcases (as I've been moving a lot in the last couple of months), so I decided to consolidate. I kept the ones I actually wear, donated the ones I don't like, and used the rest to make a t-shirt quilt.

There are companies that make your t-shirts into a quilt for you (for ~100-200 dollars) but I have a very crafty grandmother who I commissioned to do it for me (with my help, of course). Disclaimer from my grandmother: "Don't tell anyone I made you this quilt, because I am NOT doing it again." Haha, thanks grandma. I guess it was quite the long process.

I won't go into the tedious details of the quilt making process, but here's an overview.

1. Pick the t-s…

Am I losing my mind?

Hello Friends and Family,

In the past month or so since my job ended and I moved back home to St. Louis, I think I’ve slowly begun to lose my mind.

Let me know what you diagnose…

I crave organization. I always have, even as a young girl, but as of late, it has gone to extremes. I keep my calendar and planner with me at all times just to make sure I’m not missing anything. I double and triple check my to-do list, Peace Corps paperwork, and packing list. I go through my emails everyday to make sure I’ve completed all my Peace Corps tasks and responded to any and all emails. I complete all my assignments weeks in advance, and then wonder when the next assignment will come. Basically, I need O.A. (Organization-ers Anonymous).

I find myself painting my nails for the pure pleasure of making them look perfect, and then an hour later, wishing I could take off the polish so I can paint them again. But that’s ridiculous… right?

It’s not that I’m bored. I have plenty of packing to do, presents t…

Why I chose not to study abroad

Hi Friends and Family,

Since I am choosing to leave the country for 2+ years and live/work in a foreign country, many people assume that I studied abroad in college, or had similar international experiences, which spurred my desire to join the Peace Corps. Although I have traveled quite a bit, I never studied abroad.

This comes as a shock to many.

I come from an affluent suburb of St. Louis and I attended a top 50 university, which means many of my peers took advantage of study abroad opportunities, and it was assumed I would too. Honestly, until my Junior year of college, that was my plan.

So here's my story: Junior year roles around and I am completely confused as to whether I want to study abroad. I am having an amazing college experience, I have great friends, I take great classes, I live in the Bitch Palace with my three best girlfriends, and coincidentally, none of those girlfriends are studying abroad. Oh, and my anxiety is out of control. Like I've said in previous pos…