Am I losing my mind?

Hello Friends and Family,

In the past month or so since my job ended and I moved back home to St. Louis, I think I’ve slowly begun to lose my mind.

Let me know what you diagnose…

I crave organization. I always have, even as a young girl, but as of late, it has gone to extremes. I keep my calendar and planner with me at all times just to make sure I’m not missing anything. I double and triple check my to-do list, Peace Corps paperwork, and packing list. I go through my emails every day to make sure I’ve completed all my Peace Corps tasks and responded to any and all emails. I complete all my assignments weeks in advance and then wonder when the next assignment will come. Basically, I need O.A. (Organization-ers Anonymous).

I find myself painting my nails for the pure pleasure of making them look perfect, and then an hour later, wishing I could take off the polish so I can paint them again. But that’s ridiculous… right?

It’s not that I’m bored. I have plenty of packing to do, presents to make, friends to hang out with, family to see, scarfs to knit, miles to run, guitars to play… so no, I’m not bored. But it seems that Netflix isn’t quite as intellectually stimulating as work and school once were.

I’ve resorted to games of Solitaire and Sudoku (because they are supposed to be good for your mind?) but even the “challenging” levels have become so easy it’s basically a mindless task.

Read a book? Yeah, I wish. An unnamed assailant (cough, cough, Micaela) broke my glasses and it looks like repairing them in a timely manner will take nothing short of a miracle. I’ve tried reading without them, but I get a bad headache after ten minutes and reading becomes impossible.

Honestly, I should just relish this last month of calm before the real chaos starts. I can’t imagine that I’ll be lacking in intellectual outlets once I reach South Africa as a PCV. I mean, learning a new language ain’t easy.

Anyway, this post doesn’t have a real purpose, but it’s my blog, so I get to write what I want (and writing is pretty intellectual). Although, I am a bit nervous about posting this because I will inevitably get a call from my mother (yes you, mom) either psychoanalyzing the whole thing or giving me a list of intellectual activities. I also don’t want people to genuinely think I’ve gone crazy (it’s a hyperbole people!) but don’t worry, my next post won’t be so melodramatic, in fact, I already have it written and it’s amazing!

Anywho, keep a look out for my next post (hint, hint: think… sentimental, crafty and T-SHIRTS!)


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