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Health Club + FIELD TRIP!

This is my last post of 2015! I cannot believe that I made it this far!!
In August, I applied for a grant from Peace Corps to start a Health Club at my org.
I’m going to try to explain this in the least complicated way possible: Peace Corps offers grants to volunteers every quarter. In order to get a grant, a volunteer must fill out a strenuous and detailed application (timeline, budget, activities, M&E… everything) and a grant committee at the PC office in Pretoria determines whether the grant is approved or not.
Since I arrived at site, my org has been asking me to take the kids on a field trip (since the previous volunteer took a group of 20 kids to Kruger), but my org can’t afford a trip and I knew PC wouldn’t approve a grant simply for a field trip. Not only was it a money issue, but I want the kids to earn the reward of a field trip through hard work and dedication.
That’s where the idea of the Health Club came.
The Health Club is a series of 9 sessions covering …

Thanksgiving + SCUBA DIVING!

This blog post is going to be kinda blah, so bare with me.
I took my second vacation of service to Sodwana Bay to scuba dive, and then to Richard’s Bay for Thanksgiving with some fellow PCVs.
The reason this post is so blah is NOT because the vacation was blah, but because I didn’t take many pictures. I was too busy living in the moment and whatever (I know, I wanna barf too), and there isn’t much to say about scuba diving because it is indescribable and you just need to do it yourself. Seriously, just do it.
I went to Sodwana with Jess, from my cohort, and Jill and Jen from 29. We took overnight buses from Pretoria to Durban each way, and public taxis from Durban to Sodwana. Despite the long travel days, we had a blast!

I’ve wanted to dive ever since I got to SA, but no one in my cohort is certified, so when Jess told me she wanted to take a class, I jumped at the chance. Jess, Jen and Jill (who are collectively known as the J’s) all got their open water certification, and s…

ZAZI // My first girl's group


I’ve written a bit on my blog about Zazi, a program that Peace Corps Volunteers implement to teach young women and adolescent girls about sex and other health topics, but until now I haven’t gone into great detail.

Well, I ran a Zazi program in my village and I brought ya’ll along for the ride!

Zazi is a program for South African women, created by South African women. Zazi was originally designed for girls 15 and older, but I believe in positive intervention at a early age, because stopping negative behavior before it starts is a lot easier than trying to change existing negative behavior, so I set up my Zazi program for middle school girls, ages 12-15. Whether we like it or not, girls are having sex at young ages and they need to know this information before they contract HIV or fall pregnant (the South African way to say it).

Please check out the Zazi website, for more information!
Most of the kids who come to the centre are primary school age, but there ar…