Let's Stay in Touch!

Hello Friends and Family,


I know I have a "connect" page on my blog, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knows how to get ahold of me while I'm abroad because I reallllllyyyyy want to keep in touch with everyone and I have some tips on making that process much easier!

As of January 21st, I won't have a cell phone. I know, crazy. Although I won't have a cell, I'll occasionally have access to Internet and during those times I will be able to iMessage from my iPod (but don't rely on that as a main form of communication). So after 1/21, these are the best ways to get ahold of me:

Facebook: My name on Facebook is Morgan Lee Stoner (we should already be friends haha). Send me a message and I'll reply when I get Internet connection (I'm still not sure how often that'll be...)

Email: If we are real-life friends or family members you should already have my email address (which is different from the one I'm about to give), but if you don't know me personally but want to write or ask questions, please email me at morganlee1992@gmail.com. I'll check both email accounts when I have Internet access.

Write: During pre-service training, this is my physical address (to send letters, not where I'll be living):
Morgan Lee Stoner
Peace Corps
P.O. Box 9536
Pretoria 0001
South Africa
After pre-service training, I will get a permanent P.O. Box in my village and I'll update you on that address when I get it. I love writing letters and if you write, I promise I'll send one back! Yes, letters aren't the fastest form of communication, but it's definitely my favorite. Also, if you are tempted to send a package (first of all, that's very sweet and I appreciate the thought) be warned, sending a package to South Africa takes a lonngggg time and it's very expensive so I don't expect it from anyone.

Facetime / Skype: I'll have access to Facetime and Skype when I have access to Internet. If you would like my Skype username, send me a message (I don't really want to put that on the Interweb haha)

Visit: Again, I don't expect this from anyone, but if you want to shell out the cash and vacation days to spend time with me in South Africa, I would welcome you with open arms! Keep in mind, when planing a trip to South Africa some months are better than others (rainy season, etc. Check lonely planet travel guides for the best travel times).

Please, please, please keep in touch! My biggest fear about leaving for two years is that I'm going to come back and everyone has moved on with their lives without me, so let's avoid that! (And seriously... no one get married or have babies while I'm gone... I mean it!)


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