To blog or not to blog…


Since arriving in South Africa, I’ve debated whether or not I want to continue to share my Peace Corps experience on this blog or other social media outlets. On one hand, I truly enjoy writing and I love that I could potentially raise awareness about Peace Corps South Africa, South African culture, HIV/AIDs, etc. to people who may otherwise be unaware. On the other hand, I like being in a PCSA bubble. Right now, my experiences are just between me, my fellow trainees, and the people in Mashipe, but sharing them with the outside world is like bursting this great little bubble we’ve created. 

Thus far, the decision has been made for me. Since I arrived, I haven’t had access to a computer, much less internet (except occasionally on my BlackBerry – yes, I wrote this all on a BB), and phone calls home are short and sparse. 

Now that I’ve been here almost a month and have found my bearings a bit, I’m revisiting the topic. 

Here’s what I’ve decided: I’ll share. It’s in my nature to write and I do want everyone to know what an incredible place South Africa is. However, I’m not going to go out of my way to trek and find internet access at the expense of spending time with my friends and family and doing PCSA work. 

I hope to post approximately once a month or when my schedule permits, but let’s not get too harped up on quantity or frequency (and I’ll try to include a lot in each post). 

Thank you for understanding!



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