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The End of PST (with pics!)


EXCITING NEWS: My permanent site is Mmametlhake, Mpumalanga and my organization is a family center in the village. 

I’ve been in Africa for more than two months, and unfortunately that means PST is coming to an end. My life is about to drastically change (again).
On Monday, March 30, I get sworn in as an official volunteer (moved from the original date of April 1) and that same day, I travel to Supervisor’s Workshop for two days, then move to Mmametlhake... for good.

Once I move to site, my job is pretty simple. As I wrote before, the first three months of service are an “integration period”. This means, I don’t start any new projects at site, however, I can help out with existing projects and work at my organization (obviously). During these three months, I must complete a Community Needs Assessment (CNA), which is a long research project/report that assesses community needs and allows me to learn what the community wants from me as a volunteer. I use the information I colle…