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The post that everyone has been asking for is finally here! MY SOUTH AFRICAN HOME TOUR!

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Welcome to my humble abode, let me show you around.... (yes, this post is gonna be cheesy)

This is my front door from the inside... you'll notice my head lamp for when I venture out at night, and the shoes I wear most often.

My wall of artwork from the children at the centre. Also, TMI, but that's my pee bucket. Yuk.

On the other side of my front door (across from my art wall) is my "kitchen"

I have two burners for cooking and a kettle for boiling water. You'll also notice my water filter (the big white thing on the right) since Americans can't really handle the village water. I also keep my toothbrush and face wash on my "kitchen counter" since I do those things outside by the spicket.

Underneath my "kitchen coun…

"But, what do you do?" (with pics!)


“So, your blog is great, but, what do you do?” <- Thanks, Mom. But as it turns out, you’re not the only one who has this question, so here we go.

My days look like this:

7am:Wake up (most often I’m feelin’ like P. Diddy)
I make breakfast, sweep (the floors get dirty fast), and sometimes I bathe, sometimes I wash dishes…

9am: Arrive at work. I spend my mornings working on my CNA (if you don’t know what that is, click here). This either involves typing things up on my computer or going out into the village doing research, interviewing people, conducting surveys, etc.

1 – 2pm:The kiddos arrive (in droves). The center I work at serves about 60 kids ages 5-15. They want my full and undivided attention immediately, which is hard considering we don’t always speak the same language. I usually rely on the older kids to help translate for the younger bunch. The boys love to play soccer, while the girls enjoy coloring and hand-clapping games.
[Once my integration period ends, and I’m d…

Fun Facts about South Africa (Part I)


Here are some random tidbits of info to help you understand South Africa, and my life in South Africa, a bit better:
Sometimes the government turns off the electricity to a certain village or city for an hour or two; it’s called "load shedding". I don’t know why it happens, maybe cause South Africa runs out of electricity? All I know is that it usually happens when I need to bathe, charge my phone, or watch Generations ☺Stoplights are called “robots”The pound (#) is called a “hash”. In South Africa, the show Scandal (with Olivia Pope) is called The Fixer, and there is a completely different show that is called Scandal! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the title).The South African version of the “tooth fairy” is a mouse. Children put their tooth in a shoe for the “tooth mouse” to collect and exchange for Rand. Also, South African money is Rand. This isn’t the exact exchange rate, but for ease I usually calculate that R10 = $1. African time is a real thing. Peop…