MY SOUTH AFRICAN HOME! // Peace Corps House Tour


The post that everyone has been asking for is finally here! MY SOUTH AFRICAN HOME TOUR!

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Welcome to my humble abode, let me show you around…. (yes, this post is gonna be cheesy)

This is my front door from the inside… you’ll notice my headlamp for when I venture out at night, and the shoes I wear most often.

My wall of artwork from the children at the centre. Also, TMI, but that’s my pee bucket. Yuk.

On the other side of my front door (across from my art wall) is my “kitchen”

I have two burners for cooking and a kettle for boiling water. You’ll also notice my water filter (the big white thing on the right) since Americans can’t really handle the village water. I also keep my toothbrush and face wash on my “kitchen counter” since I do those things outside by the spicket.

Underneath my “kitchen counter” in that large plastic container is where I keep all the food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. This is necessary to keep the bugs at bay. The light blue bucket is where my dirty dishes go, and you might even be able to see dog food behind it, which I keep to make friends with the local dogs.

My “refrigerator” which has two settings: off, and freezer. The large drawers hold pots, pans, medical supplies, etc.

On top of my fridge is a drying rack where I keep all my plates, bowls, and utensils.

Right next to my fridge is my storage/random corner. Self-explanatory.

This is my kitchen table (right across from the front door). That bucket under the table is my bathing bucket. Also, I made those drapes myself from an old tablecloth #crafty

I never actually eat on my kitchen table, so I just put stuff on it. Oranges I bought at the local market… candles for load shedding… mosquito coils… other random stuff.

An overview of my room! The pictures don’t do my walls justice, but I actually painted them a light blue. It took two whole weekends and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I’m never painting again.

There is a door that separates the two rooms but it doesn’t actually close… I just bought a door hanger and put my towels and such on it.

Behind my door is where I keep my camera, jacket, and awesome American Flag backpack (which I actually bought in South Africa…)

This back corner, behind the door and at the foot of my bed, is where I keep my guitar and some shoes. Also, I use these walls as storyboards. Don’t ask.

My bed and my beloved mosquito net. Seriously, I want one in America.

Next to my bed is another set of drawers, which I use to hold clothes and books. On top of the drawers are my toiletries. Next to those is my suitcase and hiking backpack.

My dresser (for clothes… duh), and I’ve never managed to keep the doors closed.

The wall across from my bed. South Africans judge you hard if your clothes aren’t ironed, hence the ironing board. The bucket on the floor has my dirty clothes (which are piling up because I HATE doing laundry here). I also painted the blades of my fan dark blue and added the ribbons #supercrafty

The map is of South Africa and there are dots on it where each SA31 volunteer is placed. Also, if you’ve written me a letter, it’s probably on that wall (Jesse, yours is behind the fan, I promise haha).

Lastly, my trusty chair. I realized that I kept moving it around to get shots of the room, so it never made an appearance.

I hope you enjoyed my room tour! What do you think? Is it what you expected a Peace Corps South Africa house to look like? Better? Worse? Lemme know!



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