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Realities of Peace Corps South Africa + UPDATES!

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South Africa is a unique country for many reasons, but one that stands out the most to me after living here for over 5 months is the economic disparity throughout the country. Yes, economic disparity exists in every country around the world, but not in nearly the same way that it does in South Africa.
In America, some people are rich and some people are poor, but there are not whole towns without running water, indoor plumbing or electricity (actually, there are, but not as many). In my village, I have to bathe in a bucket, pee in a hole in the ground, pray that the JoJo has water, and live without air conditioning and heating. That’s not a problem for me. What’s a problem for me is that less than two hours away in Pretoria, all of those amenities exist yet are unavailable to the people in my village.
A story that has really stuck with me throughout my service is something that happened during PST. My cohort was i…