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Party Like A South African // Tombstone Unveiling

In addition to July 4th being the day of Independence in America, it was also my family’s TOMBSTONE UNVEILING! (also, follow me on Instagram for my Fourth of July post hehe @morganleestoner)
What is a Tombstone Unveiling, you ask?
In South African culture, when someone dies they are buried in a rudimentary grave with rocks and a place-holder tombstone, but sometime after the death, the family buys a tombstone and “unveils” it. Unlike American funerals, which can be a somber affair, South African funerals and Tombstone Unveilings are straight up parties.
Recipe for a great Tombstone Unveiling: 500 plus guests (some of whom just show up because they see a party happening, and that’s totally okay because in SA, invites are NOT required)Enough food to feed said guests (including the ceremonial slaughtering of a cow)Alcohol (they actually spend days brewing their own African beer)DJ and dancing I spent 30 minutes talking to my supervisor about the reasoning behind Tombstone Unv…