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Fun Facts about South Africa (Part II)


As winter turns to spring here in SA and I approach 8 months in country (geez, time flies), I thought I'd give you some more random facts about South Africa.

Let's get started...

1. Cops don't drive around searching for speeders (at least not in my village), they actually park on the side of the road and flag down speeders, wrong doers etc. In fact, they don't need a reason to flag you down, sometimes they do it just to check IDs. As far as I know, everyone who is flagged down actually stops. That would not work in America ;)

2. Showing off some cleavage is wayyyyy more appropriate than wearing short shorts. In reality, I see boobs on a regular basis; either my gogo walking around shirtless or people breastfeeding on taxis (totally normal btw)

3. When shaking hands with someone, you must place your left hand on your right forearm to show respect. If a girl is shaking hands with a very important male, she must curtsy. A child introducing him or herself to an eld…