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I went on the first vacation of my service!
Also, the Cardinals made it to the playoffs! No shock there, but exciting nonetheless.
Back to my vacation… 5 days, 4 nights in Nelspruit, Blyde River Canyon, and Kruger National Park. We coordinated our trip with Heritage Day, a South African holiday, so we didn’t have to take an extra day of leave ;)
[Peace Corps gives volunteers 2 days of vacation for every month of service, so 48 total vacay days, but they don’t count South African holidays since our orgs are closed those days anyway]
I went with Jess, Cathy, Austin, and Rafeeq. Honestly, if you had told me during PST that I would go on my first vacation with those four people, I wouldn’t believe you, but I am so glad I did! We had so much fun and we meshed really well together (despite hours in the car with no escape). I also facilitated bonding by banning sleep and music from the car ;P It was originally met with objections, but eventually everyone got on board and it resulted i…