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More Life Updates!


Time seems to be flying by over here in South Africa and "life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" so here are some more life updates to keep you guys in the loop.

Mom's Visit
My mom planned a last minute trip to South Africa (after I had a mini break-down over the phone - certain things moms can't ignore haha). I actually vlogged the entire trip so I'm not gonna write a whole post about it, but the video should be up on my YouTube channel soon! *If you want to watch something in the meantime, my HOUSE TOUR just went up!*

We went to Blyde River Canyon/Hazyview, Kruger National Park, my village, and Cape Town! We did a whole bunch in only 8 days and sleep definitely wasn't on the agenda. Check out the video to hear about our awkward AirBnB experience, and getting pick-pocketed!

Here are some photos to keep y'all satiated until the video goes up. Edit: the video is live!

COS Conference [7-9 Dece…

Fun Facts about South Africa (Part III)

Woah! There are more fun facts about South Africa?!?! I'm constantly learning new things about this incredible country and whether insignificant or awesome, I like to share them with you guys :)

[I'm so sorry for the people who read this before it was edited. I cringe]

Alsooooo, I just switched computers and I'm trying to transfer my photos and videos (to no avail), so I'll post pics and a new vlog as soon as I can!

Let's get into it....

1. Pencils don't have erasers. Annoying AF.

2. It's nearly impossible to find "real" fruit juice. Most stuff is from concentrate or whatever the fake stuff is. This isn't really an interesting fact, but it annoys me, so there ya go.

3. Like New Jersey (and maybe other states?), South Africa has gas attendants to pump gas. It might seem stupid for those of us who have pumped our own gas for years, but this practice creates jobs and makes my lazy ass happy. Also, gas is called petrol here. Gas is what comes out …

A MONTH IN MY LIFE // New YouTube Video

Sup homies!
This blog post is essentially a chance to show you my most recent YouTube video (in case you didn't realize.. I have a YouTube channel).
Below is AMonth In My Life, part 3. Enjoy :) 
And don't forget to visit my YouTube channel to see parts 1 and 2, other videos, and my soon to be uploaded HOUSE TOUR!!

Morgan Lee Refilwe Stoner

Wrapping up my service?! + Grassroot Soccer

I have approximately 6 months left of service. I honestly can’t believe it.
Those six months are split between 2016 and 2017; What's left of September – December of this year, and January – March of next year (duh). However, a new group of volunteers arrive in South Africa in January and I may be spending much of those last three months training the newbies. The time spent at my org will probably be “housekeeping” so to speak: organizing files, creating documents and forms, preparing material for the next volunteer – essentially making sure everything is in order. Therefore, I basically only have three more months to start projects and run programs in the community.
Like all Peace Corps volunteers, I arrived at my site with so many grand ideas and lofty goals. Now is the time to admit that I won’t finish all my intended projects. I must pick a few key things I want to complete before I leave and retire the rest as pipe dreams.
Here’s what I want to accomplish before I offic…

Crèche Olympics

Sup homefries!

In June (right before my computer broke and wouldn't allow me to import photos) I was invited to the Crèche Olympics.

I don't know how or why this event took place, but I think we are all better off because of it.

The Olympics were in Pankop, two villages over from my own, and included events like sack races, tire races, and balancing-an-egg-on-a-spoon races. Think summer picnic games.. but cuter.

I couldn't let this event go undocumented, so here are some pictures. Brace yourself for cuteness overload.

P.S. Soon(ish) I am going to put together another Month In My Life video and will include some clips from this event :) Stay tuned.

Morgan and the crechers