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Goals for 2016 + New YouTube Channel!

Tobela ditshomi!

Before I get started with this post I wanted to let you know about my new YouTube channel! If you wanna check it out, I recently uploaded two videos about my life here in South Africa ;) I don't know how often I'll be about to upload due to the Internet sitch (in that it doesn't exist), but I'll do what I can. Check out my channel here or visit

December 31st marked the end of 2015, and January 22nd marked my first full year living in South Africa! What better way to commemorate those two huge milestones than with a post about my goals for the year to come? (Originally I was going to include highlights from 2015, but I figured you could go back and read previous blog posts haha)

2015 was truly an incredible year. When I look back on the last 12 months, the things that stick out the most are obviously Peace Corps, and South Africa, but in reality, Peace Corps is just a job, and South Africa is just a place. What has made the …

Christmas in Cape Town

Dumelang Ditshomi!
(I’m upping my game in the New Year… ditshomi means friends :P)

Boy was my trip to Cape Town quite the chaotic whirlwind. I honestly don’t know where to begin (nor how much I should be sharing on social media...), so I’m just gonna type this up travel-guide style and hope for the best.

Where did we go: Cape Town (Stellenbosch and Simon's Town), Western Cape, South Africa

When did we go: 23 December – 2 January, aka summer time. It was hot as balls and crowded AF because it was peak tourist season, but I liked spending NYE in a big city with lots goin' on.

Who did I go with: Cathy, Chenoa, and Austin from my cohort. Jane and Ndu joined us on the 30th.

Where did we stay: Zebra Crossing on New Church St. (walking distance to Long Street which is the tourist/party area). R210/p/n

What did we do:
Wednesday, December 23: We flew into Cape Town and our first stop was a Mexican restaurant, obviously.

Thursday, December 24: We were originally supposed to cage dive but it …