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Life Updates


Yes, I am still alive, and yes, I still blog.

It seems that I have gotten into quite the routine here in SA that I haven't had anything new to write about. I'm not sure if I have anything exciting to write about now, but I can't imagine going a month without posting, so here are some life updates...

Annual Report
Each year Peace Corps South Africa releases an annual report to stakeholders updating them on the previous year (much like a public company releases an annual report to stockholders). Long story short, PCSA wasn't thrilled with the design an outside company came up with, so they commissioned me (having seen the work I do on the monthly newsletter) to layout and design the 2015 Annual Report! Putting this together has been quite the tedious project, but I love how it's coming out! I'll definitely post a copy of the report once it's finalized and approved.

Every Tuesday and Thursday I spend an hour and a half at the local creche (presch…