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MST + Vic Falls + BUNGEE

Sup homies?!

I went through a brief period where I wasn't sure if posting on my blog was necessary since I post A TON on Facebook, and a bit on Instagram (@morganleestoner) and I don't want to overwhelm people, but as it turns out, people from all over the world read my blog (slight brag ;P) and since my goal is to educate people on Peace Corps and South Africa, I'm gonna keep posting :)

MST, aka Mid-Service Training, occurs approximately one year after swearing-in. My cohort swore-in on 30 March 2015 so our MST was 18-23 April 2016. MST also marks less than a year left of service!! Crazy.

Monday and Tuesday of MST are medical appointment days. Basically, PC requires that every volunteer get a physical and dental examine after 1 year of service, and MST is the designated time to do so. However, since I live so close to Pretoria, I had my physical and dental prior to MST (when I was in town for other things) so I didn't have to attend those days. In fact, I was so b…

PCSA 2015 Annual Report

Sup Homies?!
As I said in a previous post, I designed the PCSA 2015 Annual Report which details the work that PCSA did in the last year.
We all worked really hard putting it together and after two and a half months it's finally approved and at the printer! Woo! I'm really proud of it so take a look and let me know what you think. [And if you're interested in what PCVs did in 2015, you can read it too ;)]
Side note: the quality of these pics isn't great but I couldn't figure out a way to put a PDF file into my blog...

P.S. If you want a hard copy, I can maybe send one to you?