Child Protection Event

Sup home skillets?!

Child Protection Week started on 29 May here in South Africa and to help raise awareness for this critical issue, 17 local crèches came together to put on an event and march. I attended the event with Tlhatlhane Crèche (the crèche I work with on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

The day started with a [short] march through town (these little legs can only do so much), followed by an event at one of the crèches. Each crèche performed a song, skit, and traditional dance. The songs and skits addressed everything from abuse to safety practices.

Issues we promoted:

  • Don’t write your child’s name on the front of their backpack. A young child might assume a stranger is friendly if the stranger addresses the child by name.
  • The children all memorized a chant (which I wish I could post of video of because it’s freakin’ adorable) which basically went like this: “don’t touch me here *points to chest* or here *points to crotch* or here *points to butt* or I’ll call the police.”
  • Children should always inform someone they trust of abuse, but because this is especially hard for crèche kids to do, we encouraged family members, friends, and teachers to be advocates for the children.
The bus ride to the event.
Ugh, so cute!
UGH, so so cute!
my kids <3

I can think of nothing cuter than 100+ crèche-aged children marching through Mmametlhake promoting child protection. 

I mean, come on!!!!
If this doesn’t melt your heart you are made of stone.
My kids lining up to perform their song.
A photo for my series, Babies on Backs.
Performing a skit.

I didn’t get any photos of the traditional dances (my biggest regret in life thus far) because I had to leave for Grassroot Soccer practice 🙁 but I shall find a way to make it happen again.

Alsooo, look out for my next Month In My Life video for footage from this event 🙂

I loved loved loved this event and I really hope a child’s life is bettered because of it.


P.S. If anyone hurts one of my kids I will go all Taken on their ass, and yes, that’s a threat.


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