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A holiday without pictures

Dumelang ditshomi!

Long time, no blog (I've said that before...)

Social Media has taken over our lives (woah, how deep). Even without Internet, I still manage to find a way to post updates to my blog, Facebook, and Instagram quite frequently. Mmametlhake doesn't have paved roads, running water, indoor plumbing, air con, laundry machines, or a grocery store, but most people here have a Facebook page.

I'm not complaining, really, I'm not. I love that I can live 8,800 miles away and still talk (okay, text) daily to my friends and family in the states, but that connection doesn't come without consequences.

Sometimes, instead of living in the moment and truly enjoying what I am experiencing, I find myself focusing on getting the best pictures to upload on social media. Don't lie, we've all been there. Well, this is especially true when I am on holiday.

I've been lucky enough to travel all over Southern Africa since I joined Peace Corps. I've done some tr…