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Fun Facts about South Africa (Part III)

Woah! There are more fun facts about South Africa?!?! I'm constantly learning new things about this incredible country and whether insignificant or awesome, I like to share them with you guys :)

[I'm so sorry for the people who read this before it was edited. I cringe]

Alsooooo, I just switched computers and I'm trying to transfer my photos and videos (to no avail), so I'll post pics and a new vlog as soon as I can!

Let's get into it....

1. Pencils don't have erasers. Annoying AF.

2. It's nearly impossible to find "real" fruit juice. Most stuff is from concentrate or whatever the fake stuff is. This isn't really an interesting fact, but it annoys me, so there ya go.

3. Like New Jersey (and maybe other states?), South Africa has gas attendants to pump gas. It might seem stupid for those of us who have pumped our own gas for years, but this practice creates jobs and makes my lazy ass happy. Also, gas is called petrol here. Gas is what comes out …