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More Life Updates!


Time seems to be flying by over here in South Africa and "life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" so here are some more life updates to keep you guys in the loop.

Mom's Visit
My mom planned a last minute trip to South Africa (after I had a mini break-down over the phone - certain things moms can't ignore haha). I actually vlogged the entire trip so I'm not gonna write a whole post about it, but the video should be up on my YouTube channel soon! *If you want to watch something in the meantime, my HOUSE TOUR just went up!*

We went to Blyde River Canyon/Hazyview, Kruger National Park, my village, and Cape Town! We did a whole bunch in only 8 days and sleep definitely wasn't on the agenda. Check out the video to hear about our awkward AirBnB experience, and getting pick-pocketed!

Here are some photos to keep y'all satiated until the video goes up. Edit: the video is live!

COS Conference [7-9 Dece…