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Is South Africa "Posh Corps"? The REAL reasons PC is challenging


When I tell people that I am a Peace Corps volunteer I get one of two reactions:
That’s amazing! I cannot believe you are serving in a rural community for two years; it must be so difficult! You are changing the world!Peace Corps volunteers don’t actually do anything. You just want a free trip to Africa, a chance to travel, and a line on your resume (to be fair, most people don’t say this to my face). Well, in reality, it’s a little bit of both.

I am very grateful to the people who say the former, but I'm not a hero and there are more selfless jobs than mine. However, I do appreciate receiving credit where credit is due so I want to quickly address reaction #2 because frankly, it pisses me off. What PCVs do matters, but not always in an "Instagram-worthy" way.
We build local relationships that extend far beyond our two-year service.Cultural Exchange: We give foreigners a view of Americans beyond what they see on TV, and we get a chance to educate Americans on for…