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The Final Month

Before we get started... check out my YouTube channel and watch my newest video, A DAY IN MY LIFE! Possibly my favorite video thus far.
Side note: I received my first "hate" comment on my YouTube channel today. I thought that only happened to celebrities. I feel so important now ;) Everyone go onto YouTube and say "hi" to my new friend, poopiedogonion (yep, that's his or her username)

Wednesday 5 April was my last day as a Peace Corps Volunteer :( Although I have so many thoughts and feelings about that topic, right now we are going to focus on my last month of the service and some of the projects/programs I completed during that time. 
I've been working on this project since January 2016, mostly because I'm a perfectionist and nothing was ever good enough (in my mind). I decided to strip the paint off the wall, fill in the cracks, and use a projector to draw the map (see what I mean... perfectionist). We also hired a local artist …