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Life Updates + Family Visits!

Since this blog's inception, May 2017 was the first month I didn't publish a single blog post. Some (many) months I came close, but I always managed to get something up in the nick of time. Well, life eventually got in the way.

I was in the states from 12 April till 22 May visiting friends and family and roaming from Miami, to Naples, Chicago, St. Louis, Fulton, Atlanta, back to Miami and Naples, Tampa, Orlando, White Plains, NYC, London (I know, not really in the states) and finally back to SA.

When I got back to Pretoria on the 24th, I suffered from the worst jet-lag of my entire life. To be fair, I didn't have anything motivating me to get out of bed (since my new job didn't start until 29 May), and because Alex was studying for finals he didn't feel the need to wake me up when I took day-long naps. Basically, I was out the entire weekend. Before I knew it, May had passed and I hadn't posted a single blog.

Let me catch you up on the last month of my life he…