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How to choose a South African Safari // Pilanesberg

Where to go on safari in South Africa? Firstly, in South Africa, "safaris" are called game drives. Safari is a very Western term but they can be used interchangeably. If you want to go on safari in South Africa, there are countless options. Kruger is by far the largest and most popular safari destination in South Africa. The park covers 19,485 km² (~12,107 miles²) so it's pretty expansive. Although I've been to Kruger many times and had great experiences each time, there are countless other game parks in South Africa that are just as incredible and highly rated. Check here for a list of the best game reserves in South Africa.

How to chose a safari destination.Location: Location is key. For instance, if you are staying in Cape Town, Kruger is about an 18-hour drive or 2-hour plane ride away. Luckily, there are equally fantastic parks near Cape Town such as Gondwana Game Reserve. If you are staying in Pretoria or Jo'burg, Pilanesberg is close by. In Port Elizabeth…

Hiking in the Drakensberg

What's the hype with the Drakensberg? The Drakensberg is a section of The Great Escarpment that runs along the eastern border of Lesotho and South Africa. The Draks is a famous part of South Africa's natural beauty and there is even a theory that JRR Tolkien was inspired by the Drakensberg when writing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (he spent some of his childhood in South Africa near The Great Escarpment).

Where is the Drakensberg?  The Drakensberg borders Lesotho and South Africa and is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from Pretoria (depending on which section of the Drakensberg you visit). My dad, Alex, and I went to the Northern part of the Drakensberg and stayed in a town called Bergville.

Hiking in the Drakensberg Hiking is the most popular activity in the Drakensberg and with the amazing vistas, untouched natural beauty, and world-renowned hiking trails, it's easy to see why. We hiked in the Amphitheatre, which (according to Wikipedia) is considered one of the most i…