Chicago, Illinois

A Day in Chicago

After our time in St. Louis, Alex and I headed to Chicago to visit my friend, Emma. I spent a lot of time in Chicago growing up and I love that city. We only had a short time in Chicago, so here is what we did in one day in Chicago:

Millennium Park


Millennium Park is a large public space in downtown Chicago. Millennium Park has restaurants, a skating rink in the winter, a garden, a pavilion for shows and concerts, galleries, and the Crown Fountain ( a large fountain surrounded by two glass towers which show people’s faces). There are always events taking place in the park, like concerts, group workouts, food festivals, etc.

Cloud Gate (the Bean)


Cloud Gate (usually referred to as the Bean) is a large sculpture in Millennium Park. It looks like, you guessed it, a giant bean. It’s a great photo op because when you walk near it or underneath it, it distorts your reflection. Fun fact: cleaners come twice a day to polish the entire Bean and rid the surface of fingerprints. 

Willis Tower


You will quickly learn that the theme of our trip to America was “tall buildings”. In St. Louis we went up the Arch, and in Chicago, we went to the top of Willis Tower (formally the Sears Tower). Willis Tower is 110 stories tall and was the tallest building in the world for nearly 25 years. On the 103rd floor, there is a Skydeck and glass balcony that allows visitors to stand out and over Chicago. An experience unlike any other. Tickets to the top cost 25$. 

Where to eat?


For a quick, inexpensive lunch on the go, I recommend Potbelly’s, a Chicago classic. They’ve expanded a bit beyond Chicago, but I will always associate it with only Chicago. They are known for their oven-baked subs. Why not take one to Millennium Park for a picnic?

Pizzaria Due

My dad would disown me if I didn’t also mention Pizzaria Due. It’s his all-time favorite pizza place. They serve classic, Chicago-style, deep-dish pizzas. However, because they are so popular, the wait time is insane (but worth it). 

How to get around?

Chicago has a great public transportation system. The L is an above-ground train that can you take almost anywhere in the city. Uber and taxis are also an option but a bit more expensive.

Let me know what you would do with only a day in Chicago! 


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