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Life Update // Moving to London

After almost 5 years in South Africa, I MOVED TO LONDON!

My plan has always been to move to London, but, I have to admit, the timing has changed a bit over the years. My original idea was to take a year off between Peace Corps and graduate school, but I ended up taking 2 years... oops haha, but I knew I'd eventually make it, and here I am!

I am a student at UCL (originally, University College London but now it is known only as UCL) working towards my MSc in Global Health and Development.

--- Why I chose the UK (and specifically, London)
When applying to graduate school, I knew I wanted to move to and study in London, therefore I mostly applied to British schools (with one American school as a back up). I applied to UCL, LSE, King's College, SOAS, and Queen Mary. I could write a lot about why I chose UCL specifically, but these are the reasons I chose to study in the UK:

I was ready to leave South Africa but I was not ready to go back to the States. America will always be there,…