6 Easy Workouts for Travel

While traveling, fitness isn’t always top of mind. We are usually too busy exploring, meeting new people, and eating really tasty local cuisine – and that’s totally okay! Don’t worry if your fitness takes a backseat during your travels, that’s normal! Oftentimes, the vacation itself is active enough that working out isn’t as important (Puerto Rico and Alpe d’Huez come to mind as some of my more active vacays). However, if you are traveling long term, or rely on fitness to feel your best, here are 6 workouts that you can do while traveling!

I also posted all about my travel workout essentials next, so check that out here!


Yoga while camping in Serenje, Zambia.

I use yoga as a way to stay in shape and keep my mental health in check. Yoga is also a great way to keep your muscles loose during all those hours sitting in planes/trains/cars. Yoga can easily be done in hotel rooms, in airport lounges, or in a local park. There are even ways to do small, discreet yoga moves on an airplane! I also find that going to a local yoga class can be a great way to connect with locals! When not in a class, I follow Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and I love her!


Jogging in front of Buckingham Palace in London.

Jogging is one of my favorite ways to explore a new city. When I first moved to London, I jogged all over my neighborhood to get to know where I was going to live. Jogging is also great because you don’t need a lot of equipment – just a pair of tennis shoes!


Hiking in the Drakensberg.

Walking is something that we do a lot of when traveling anyway, so I definitely count it as a workout! A way to include more walking into your vacay is by skipping the taxi and walking or talking public transportation. Walking also makes you feel like a local and you may see things you never would have seen in a taxi!

I also love hiking. I will plan entire vacations around hiking, like when I hiked the Drakensberg or the Wild Coast. Even without a hiking vacation, there are plenty of places where you can incorporate hiking into your holiday. Check out Trail Link to see if there are any hiking trails near you in the United States!


Using a rock as a shoulder press.

Weightlifting may seem like something you need to be at a gym to do, but if weightlifting is your go-to workout, there are ways to incorporate it into your travels – without that much equipment (or just a rock). Check out this post for all my travel workout essentials! Body-weight exercises are also a great way to lift weights from the comfort of your hotel room.

HIIT Workouts

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training – basically, pushing yourself to the max, resting or lowering the intensity, and then pushing yourself again. These workouts are a great way to stay in shape and increase cardiovascular fitness in a short amount of time. I like to do HIIT workouts on the treadmill, but, when traveling, that isn’t always an option. An easy way to do HIIT workouts in your hotel room is by following a YouTube video or e-book.


Not quite a workout, but equally as important! I’ve always been a huge proponent of stretching and it definitely doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I think stretching is so important to stay healthy, recover faster after a workout, and avoid injury. When traveling, you may be doing things you’ve never done before, like hiking, skiing, or horseback riding. Stretching will help you stay active and feel your best for your entire vacation.

Do you workout while traveling? What workouts do you recommend? Let me know in the comments!


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