Sitting up + Third Week Home // Pelvic Fracture Recovery

You can read about my accident here, my hospital stay here, my first week home here, and my second week home here.

I’ve been home for three weeks now and I am starting to feel a bit more “normal”. I am nearing the end of my bed rest and I make so much progress every single day.

Sitting up!


I sat up at a 90 degree angle for the first time in three weeks! I got super light headed the first time but it was so easy, almost like my body knew all along that I was ready to start sitting up. The first day, I didn’t sit up for too long. The next day, we pushed my hospital up to the table and I tried sitting at the table, but I didn’t last very long. As the days have gone by, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable sitting up for longer and longer periods of time.

Pain Levels + Bladder


The pain is quite minimal these days. I take half a pain pill in the morning and a codine pain pill in the evenings and that is more than enough to manage the pain. I still feel a bit fuzzy in the head when I take the pills, but I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to wean off the meds. We’ll see.

Bladder update: I have a lot more control over my bladder. I barely leak anymore and I no longer wear a diaper!

Turning 29 in bed


Saturday, 1 May was my 29th birthday. I definitely didn’t think that I’d be celebrating my 29th birthday in bed with a diaper on (at least not until I am 90 haha). The day was surprisingly great. My mom made pancakes for breakfast and I got some gifts from Alex and his mom. Alex’s mom had also commissioned a red velvet cake (my favorite).

I had some visitors throughout the day. Terence and Michelle came over around lunchtime and brought puppies! Their Australian Shepherd just had a litter of seven puppies a few days before my accident (I actually saw them when they were newborns the night before my accident) so they were about 4 weeks old on my birthday. They brought two of the pups and they were so cute!

In the evening, our neighbors, Brad and Jess, came over to hang out. Jess had brought her kitten, George, to come visit before, but he didn’t love coming to our house haha.

Overall, not a bad bed-rest birthday.

Mental Health? Boredom?

I had my first bit of boredom this week. It was for a few hours on Friday late morning. I had fallen into a YouTube hole and felt pretty shitty from staring at a screen for a couple hours.

I am feeling a lot more independent nowadays, which, on the one hand, is great, but on the other hand, is making me more and more frustrated that I still need so much help. The fact that someone else still has to bathe me and change my diaper when I have a bowel movement is quite dehumanizing.

Thank you so much for your support during this time! For more updates on my injury and recovery, check out my Instagram @MorganThroughALens.

Check out a week in my life on bed rest here:

Do you have any questions about my injury, recovery, or bed rest? Any advice for pelvic fracture recovery? Let me know in the comments!


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